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At SFA Limited, we uphold the highest standards of quality and food safety through our certifications by esteemed authorities.

  • Halal Foods Authority Certification: SFA Limited’s products are certified by the Halal Foods Authority, ensuring compliance with halal standards and catering to consumers adhering to Islamic dietary laws.

  • Punjab Food Authority Approval: Our commitment to quality and safety is affirmed by the Punjab Food Authority, guaranteeing that our products meet regulatory guidelines and maintain optimal freshness and hygiene standards.

  • Bureau Veritas Certification: SFA Limited holds certification from Bureau Veritas, a testament to our adherence to global quality benchmarks. This certification provides assurance to customers worldwide regarding the quality and safety of our products.

  • MGM.Sys.RVA¬† C 248: Our products undergo rigorous scrutiny by MGM Sys, further reinforcing our dedication to excellence. By exceeding industry standards, we ensure that our offerings consistently meet and exceed customer expectations for quality and reliability.

  • ISO 2000 Compliance: SFA Limited adheres to the ISO 2000 standards, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining high-quality management systems and consistently meeting customer requirements.
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