Products of HACCP Certified Company HASSAB CERTIFIED

SFA is one of the leading fruit & vegetable processing unit in South West region of Punjab Pakistan. It is a multidimensional company with diversified scope of producing a long list of fruit and vegetable products that include Aseptic and Chemically preserved fruit pulp/ purees & concentrates of various Fruits like Mango, Guava, Peach, tomato etc., in Aseptic bag and OTS Cans.

In addition SFA has recently introduced high quality Fruit Juice Drinks & Nectars, filled hot in PET, for local and export markets with the brand name of . SFA Fruit Juice Drinks & Nectars gathered highest marks in sensory evaluation conducted by different organizations. Our mission is production and distribution of high quality products according to international standards that fit the customer demands in Pakistan and rest of the world. Our vision is, more than successful, more than committed to be the best in the industry in creating innovative


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