Products of HACCP Certified Company HASSAB CERTIFIED

SFA Industries Private Limited  take extensive care to select process and package our comprehensive range of pulps obtained from fresh and finest quality fruits. We also ensure that the processing is conducted in extremely hygienic conditions. Proper aseptic packaging ensures that only premium quality products get dispatched from our premises.

  1. Aseptic Mango Pulp  (Available in 200 kg Aseptic Bag in Steel Drum, 10 kg, 5 kg & 1 kg Aseptic Bags)
  2. Canned Mango Pulp - Natural & Sweetened (Available in 850g & 3.1 kg OTS Cans)
  3. Chemically Preserved Mango Pulp – (Available in 200 kg P.E Bag in Steel Drum)
  4. Aseptic Guava Pulp  (Coming Soon)
  5. Canned Guava Pulp - Natural & Sweetened  (Coming Soon)


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