Products of HACCP Certified Company HASSAB CERTIFIED

A Hard and permanent work qualified by the accurate and rhythmic movement, entitled innovation and development, represents the SFA Industries Pvt. Ltd. , the technology results. Thus, this everlasting factory encloses an effective production operation with latest equipments and high techniques, under international standards.

The production operation is well recognized by the Laboratories outfitted with the most up-to-date Equipment; so, it proceeds in different steps starting by filtering the juices and ending by filling up the bottles. This procedure responds to the highly structured ways adopted worldwide. Moreover, highly skilled and experienced personnel manages the factory development to satisfy all consumer demands.

  • Guava Juice Drink (Coming Soon)
  • Guava Nectar (Coming soon)
  • Orange Juice (from concentrate)(Coming Soon)
  • Mixed Fruit Juice (Coming Soon)
  • Aseptic Guava Pulp (Coming Soon)
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