Products of HACCP Certified Company HASSAB CERTIFIED

Quality is our forte and we ensure it at each stage of the production process. Top quality is observed by our quality inspection team at every stage right from the procurement till the final delivery . Immature, blemished and curled fruits are rejected at the procurement stage itself. All the inputs such as raw materials, packing materials, laboratory and other chemicals are specified in detail and the quality of the material is checked on arrival in the laboratory by qualified technicians, before issuing to the production department.

Our team of quality control keeps a watchful eye towards maintaining the quality. Random samples are taken from the batches of production for microbiological analysis & testing and only batches with test results as per the required specifications are selected to be passed by them before filling the product in cans or bags.

  • Juices are produced in various packs and sizes.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are the company's main focus.
  • Quality excellence and service at its best are the main ingrediants for our company success.

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